Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NW Trek

Today we met the Penrods at NW Trek, a huge park/natural habitat for northwest wildlife. Part of the park you can walk around in and see the animals up pretty close. The other part of the park you ride a tram around to observe the animals. It was beautiful and green and had walking trails all over. It is one of my top 5 places in Wa to visit.

Our favorite animals we saw were the wolverines, elk, bison and thier babies, ewes and their babies, moose, mountain goats, a racoon sleeping on its back with its legs straight up in the air, and lynx. Animals that we wish we saw but were sleeping or too far away - foxes, wolves and mountain lions.

Ian is lucky he got to get out of the car, since the entire way there he was saying "stop the car - me kick you dad. You on tiiiiiimmmmeee out!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pimp daddy or Southern Lawyer?

My sister is getting married in August and Ian needed a suit.

Mothers' Day in Astoria

The first weekend my parents were here we went to Astoria to visit Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Ray. It was a mothers' day treat for me to spend the day with my mom and my grandma.

A Mothers' Day kiss from James.

Dramma and Papa

Being far away from my family is hard, but my parents make it easier on me by visiting often. My mom left yesterday after a 10 day visit and my dad was here for a little over a week. My kids adored them (and maybe even prefer them at this point).

The first thing we did was go to the park.

We played Oh Hell every night (surprise). Not even Jamesy could beat my mom. dang it.

We played in the sun.

We took the boys to their first Mariner's game.

And in general, took a lot of cute pictures of us enjoying our time together. Thanks for the visit - we love you.

Ian and Dramma

I have to blog these before I forget.

On my mom's second day here:
me: jamesy you are cute
ian: super cute, and ian and dramma (grandma)
me: grandma isn't cute, she is pretty
ian: sooooo pretty, me love her

On my mom's last day here:
Ian (saying the prayer): Father, bless james, ian, dramma not go home. Jesus Christ amen.

And I wonder why it is he loves her so much.....