Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Last night it snowed three or four inches so Ian got to play in the snow for the first time. He wasn't really sure what he thought of it at first (and he might have been slightly uncomfortable from overdressing - full onsie pajamas underneath, sweats, jacket, scarf, mittens and hat).

His favorite parts were: hearing it crunching under his feet as he walked around

and tasting it several times and then wiping his hands off on my pants, and then just wiping it on my pants over and over and over

Notice here that the mittens are on his hands - that lasted about 30 seconds.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

the rest

We came back to WA on Tuesday night and picked up Aunt Cami from the airport. The rest of the week was tons of fun - Curt and I hosted our first Thanksgiving (thank goodness my mom was here to cook the dinner) and we spent some time in Seattle where we met up with my cousin Cherie and her family. Ian decided he loved loved loved aunt cami - and she loved him back until she realized he was unpacking her bag and hiding her things while she was trying to get packed to go. The house is really quiet tonight - we miss the Clays and loved their visit.

Astoria with the Clays

Saturday my parents and my brother came to town. We spent the day hanging out at the house and Sunday we left for a visit to the O'neals in Astoria.

First on our agenda was the Astoria column - this time Ian was carried to the top by dave and my dad so he could see the amazing view.

Next we went to the Maritime Museum - Ian didn't learn anything about all the boats that have crashed on the Columbia River bar - but he did give his Grandma Clay a pretty good snuggle.

Tuesday we went down to Cannon Beach. It was freezing - but the clam chowder at Mo's was delish.

I thought Ian might take a while to warm up to our visitors - but about 5 minutes was all he needed. He loved hanging out with Uncle dave and bringing him books to read to him.

Chuckie Cheese

Last Friday we went to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Tommy's 7th birthday. I had no idea how chaotic CC is on a friday night (although we should have had some idea after parking in the lot of the restaurant next door since the CC lot was full). Ian was in sensory overload and running from toy to game to ride. I thought I lost him at least three times, barely got to eat any pizza and felt hugely relieved when we finally got to leave. Maybe it will be better when he is a little bit older.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

30 part 1

Saturday we went down to Olympia to go out to dinner and hang out with the Penrods. Curt is turning 30 on Wednesday so they decided to surprise him with a cake.

Please notice Grant with blue lips in the background (halloween candy!)

Michelle taught me how to make empanadas - so delish - and she is so cute pregnant.

Earlier in the day - Ian at the house.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ian the cowardly lion.

Good thing his cousins were around to show ian what halloween is all about. Amy made all of their costumes and they all looked fabulous (Karina - candy corn, Jack - skeleton, Katie - mermaid, Tommy - Jedi, Luke (not shown) seal).

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!