Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time for a post

We have been pretty boring lately - mostly just taking care of the yard and getting stuff for the house.

Ian's new favorite thing is to climb and jump (mostly out of his crib, which is now a big boy bed and in which he now refuses to sleep, but pretty much anything will do).

New favorite words:
mess (after he makes one, not to prevent one)
choo choo
off (always in reference to clothes)

He is starting to look so much like a little boy to me, today I went through his baby pictures so I could remember what he was like, so sweet and chunky and immobile.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Rices the Moshers and the hose

Man, I was totally going to blog this on sunday but I have a sinus infection so I spent the whole day sleeping and now sarah already blogged her pictures and she is way funnier than I am. So if you want the funny version of our meeting up with the rices and the moshers, please see this blog.

My only addition is....elliot is as cute in real life as he is in his pictures. It seems impossible but it is true.

Yesterday ian discovered the hose. This summer is going to be very wet.

the end of ash

We took ash to the airport on saturday morning. So sad. Today is tuesday and still the first thing out of ian's mouth (after he jumped out of his crib) was "Ash?"
On thursday we went up to monroe to see cherie, abby and josh. They have goats in their city parks so the boys had fun feeding the goats. And ashley had fun practicing for little baby parker on baby abby.
We miss you ash.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007