Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Early birthday party

I wish there were pictures that really showed the look of pure delight on Ian's face while we were singing him happy birthday. I'm guessing it was mostly because there were lit candles so close to him - but he also loved being the center of attention.

My mom made two huge icecream angel food cakes for the crowd (about 30 family). Ian kept sticking his fingers in the whip cream frosting while he was waiting for us to sing to him.

After the party ian got a special nighttime bunda ride from grandpa.

Random cute pictures I need to blog since i won't have access to them after today.

He took half of his naps this month in the boat house down by the beach - here he is sleeping on the big tube

Torin's Christening

Sunday we went to baby Torin's christening. The service was really nice and he was such a quiet good baby during the whole ceremony (Ian on the other hand....).
After church we had brunch at the Skaneateles Country Club. Ian is out on the porch here looking at the lake.

The Bennett clan plus friends - Torin is the little baby in Tracy's arms (green silk shirt on the left).

Darien Lake Park

This is the first time we've been to six flags that Ian can ride all the baby rides. he spent most of his day hanging out with his cousins - connor, ashton and devon.

We all took turns riding the rides with him, here he is with his grandma on the pirate ships.

The rest of the day he hung out in the kiddie pool section of water park playing in the water.

Pen ultimate day

Ian's activity log:

Falling asleep on the waverunner,

playing with Peyton and spending hours in the water jumping off the dock and sliding down the little tikes slide into the water,

eating Thai in Syracuse with the family

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fillmore Glen

Saturday we went to Fillmore Glen State Park to hike the trails. I was a little worried that Ian would want to be carried the whole time - but after he realized we were walking in the creek most of the time he wouldn't let us pick him up. How else would he be able to jump in the water the whole time. The hike and the falls are beautiful - I can't believe this is only 10 minutes from my parents house.
Ian Meg grandma david and kelsey

All the kids were playing under the waterfall and sliding down rocks like water slides.

By the walk down Ian was really worn out. He fell asleep in aunt nicki's arms.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Things I never want to forget

about ian.

The cute way he says every one's names:
Grandpa - papa
Grandma - bama
Nicki - icki
Dave - for some reason even though dave is his favorite he doesn't say his name ever
Ash - Ath
Cami - nunu
Shadow - volvo
Jenna - denda
Devon - deo
and my very favorite:
Megan - eggy

the way he pinches his neck whenever he is drinking from his sippy cup or is trying to fall asleep

the way he walks into my parents room at 7:30 am and tugs on grandpa's arm saying "up papa - bunda" over and over. And how one of them almost always gets up and takes him on a bunda ride

the way he laughs hysterically as he chases the dog around the house with his spiderman car

the way he says "sauce mama sauce" instead of "soft" when I talk to him sternly

All you can eat

This morning Ian and I went blueberry and cherry picking with some of the family. We started in the cherry tree orchard. Ian climbed all the way up the ladder with Grandma once and spent the rest of the time shoving cherries into his mouth - thank goodness for oxiclean, his outfit will be soaking tonight.

Jenna and Ashley

After the cherries we went to the blueberry bushes. Ian was so full of cherries he actually helped pick the blueberries (he also tried to step on all the berries in the buckets as well).

And of course Ian's normal total fascination with, and terror of the farm animals.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The sailor

Out with grandma and grandpa on the trimaran.

Cousin Love

Devon and Connor returned from their dad's house on Sunday and I have never seen a more excited Ian. His eyes light up as soon as he sees them and they play with him nonstop the whole time they are together (which might also explain the new bump on his forehead and raspberry across his nose).
Things he has learned from them so far:
1. how to wrestle - he attacks connor on the trampoline, takes him down and holds on to his waist while connor rolls back and forth over him while they laugh hysterically
2. racing tricycles - back and forth around and around the porch
3. making sticks into every kind of weapon imaginable

More funny Ian...
laying down in the ivy - I guess he thought it looked comfortable

walking around in my mom's red high heeled shoes

wearing the ski gloves the entire boat ride

getting at least 2 "bunda" rides a day from grandpa (this is the mini-bunda)