Thursday, January 29, 2009

Da da da

My crazies. (Cami this picture is for you)

The climber and the builder

James is a bit of a naughty climber. I found him on top of the kitchen table last night.

And Ian loves building really huge towers. He knocked it over at least 3 times before I finally got a picture.

It runs in the family

Thursday, January 15, 2009


After the crazy raft jumping this summer I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Ian loves swimming lessons. On the first day he jumped right in before the teacher was ready and gets giddy everytime I say it is a swimming lesson day.

It doesn't hurt that Josie and Hudson (on the left) are in his 5 person class.

James stands there beating on the glass trying to get to ian and the pool.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My lil guy

He is super skinny. 19.12 at his one-year appointment, and 30.75 in. And he just started this really really messy stage where he empties every drawer and throws everything across the room. He already wants to do eveything ian is doing.

and his new thing is crawling with his head down on the ground. I love it.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Jesus wants me

for a Sunbeam.

The Leonard cousins

A few of them anyway.
Front row: James, Collin, Ian, Jack, Luke
Middle row: Tommy, Rachel, Katie, Christian, Cameron
Back row: Karina

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Since I never got around to sending cards this year - happy holidays to all our friends and family. We wish you the best.
XO - the leonards

Night Sledding

Thank goodness my parents have saved every snowmobile outfit they have bought in the last 20 years so every adult in our family would have equipment to go sledding in. Like this hot little number that looked particularly nice on Camille (circa 1990).

They pull us up on the snowmobiles so you can go forever and ever and not get tired.
Dave, me, Mike, Cami, Dad, Ash and Hank.

Me and James.

Hank and Meg crashing.

Con, Nic and Tom.

We also went snowmobiling 3 or 4 times. I love snow for Christmas.

Me and E and Grandma

Snow is fun. Especially with Ian.

And Grandma.

The cousin bath

It started like this.

And ended like this.

But look how cute this one cleans up.

The newlyweds - how sweet.

Happy Birthday James

It was a little hectic getting everything ready to leave for NY by the 15th so I didn't get anything together for James' birthday until we finally had a small family celebration on the 23rd (only two weeks late). I hope this is not indicative of birthdays to come, because someday he will care.
He is the sweetest, happiest, darlingest child.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

the BIG family Christmas

We were so glad that we made it to the Bennett family Christmas party this year. Here is to hanging out with the greatest family, eating the yummiest food and getting spoiled, as always, with great presents.

sans children

One of the first things we did when we got to NY was leave our kids with my mom and dad and take a trip to NYC. It turns out that taking a trip without your kids, no matter how short, is the best thing ever.
First we met up with Ashley Hank and Parker (and Dave came too).

I love NYC at Christmas. It is my favorite time to visit.

Then we met up and stayed with Di and Amber. I love them. And we also hung out with Chris Romney all night, who we haven't seen in forever but it was just like we had. There is something reassuring about friendships and people that always stay the same - but gentler somehow. snowed a ton at my parents.

Apparently Ian threw a snowball in Parker's face as soon as they got outside. And I tell this story because....someday she will read it and be able to get her revenge on her mean big cousin.

James was really good without us.

And Ian doesn't need us if Devon and Connor are around anyway.