Monday, July 19, 2010

Visitors from Texas

The Leonard and the McKinney kids back together for a few hours of playful bliss. They are all getting so big.

And the Andersons road tripped it all the way here from Houston. They rock.

A post for Aunt Cami

Dear Aunt Cami -
How can you pass up a chance to see these two at the lake this summer? You are probably going to make them cry.

Also, this video was made for you - I can actually picture you in my mind laughing while you watch it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pacific Beach

Yesterday we took a last minute trip to the beach. It turned out to be a lot colder at the beach than it was at home but the boys didn't care.
James would not put his feet in the sand for at least the first 20 minutes we were there. He never really played in it the whole time we were there.

Ian loves the sand.

And they both love the water.

After we found a yummy seafood place for dinner we went to the family fun center.

Ian has always been a little fearless - this made me think he might be a little crazy. I hope you can see his huge grin.

Guess where I have been for the last week

At girls camp with the 5th years. I came home yesterday and slept from 5pm until 7am.

Independence Day

The Reddings hijacked the July 4th party this year - and we all know that Rachael doesn't do anything half-way...
Lots of dress up stuff for the kids.

Although James preferred this most of the night...

The kids got to decorate their bikes and then parade through the neighborhood behind Levi's cop car.

A family picture with uncle sam.

Lots of other fun stuff for the kids to do before the fireworks started.

Ace wasn't real excited for the fireworks part.

But James had fun watching them with his daddy.

This has become my annual contribution to the party.

I will have to post some funny videos later.