Monday, April 28, 2008

The Tulip Festival








For the (my) record

Jamesy at 4 months:
15.4 lbs
26 inches
reaches for every thing - and is starting to love his toys.
snuggles into your shoulder when you pick him up.
is so happy.
i think he has my skin tone. and his hair really is showing a lot if red.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ian II

My favorite Ian quotes this week:
- "mommy, you no step on it. Me so proud of you."
- "me love you too much" (he has turned so sweet the last few days)
- tonight at the dinner table and totally random "david handsome guy"
He is also turning out to be quite environmentally aware - I've had a few "mommy, you wasting water" and "no shoes in the house!"
He has been really good about going down for naps and to sleep at night AND sleeping through the night. I'm thinking probably someone stole my real son and left me the super sweet version. I'm keeping it.
Also, Jamesy was featured on this blog for Babysparewear - which we love and have several sets of.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glorious sun

I didn't think I was really affected by the weather here until today felt like the happiest sunniest day in years. Please bless that it isn't a trick and winter is coming back for another month(s) before it really is nice.
Look - it made everyone so happy.

We went to Point Defiance Park and walked along the water front and through some of the gardens. I didn't realize the park is so beautiful (or maybe it was just the day) - it reminded me of the National Arboretum, my favorite place in DC.

On the way home we stopped by the Fort Nisqually Museum - which is a remake of the original fort with weird people pretending they still live in that time period.
Curt, Ian and David climbed to the top of the look-out.

Best picture of the day by far.
Ian and James sharing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Uncle Dave

My brother has been in town since Tuesday night. He is so good with the boys and fun to hang out with. Sometimes you forget how much you miss someone. I've been missing my brother.

Today we went up to the mountain to hike and play in the snow. There ended up being a lot of snow and very little hiking (note to self: don't go to Mt. Ranier until at least May next year). It was still really sunny and beautiful.

Ash, we took a family photo for you like you asked, except then we realized that James was still sleeping in the car.

Afterwards we went to Mud mountain Dam Park for some playing. James had his first swing ride.

I love this picture of the boys because I have been wanting to document James' swirl (and mullet for that matter) for a while now.

Uncle David and Jamesy get along pretty well.

(curt is in the background talking Nicki through setting up Supersmash Bros online on the wii so we could play them. Connor was kicking butt)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Ian's new thing is asking me "that funny mom?" about EVERYTHING he does. Today when I said no, he said "its kinda funny?"
He also told me in the car that he loves "star bursts" but he meant star wars, and that he needs a light saber to "get dar wader the scary ghost".

My brother arrived tonight and Jamesy rolled over for him for the first time. He did it three times in a row but of course not for the camera.

Party Week

Last week was party week. It started on Tuesday with Ted's birthday. It was a big one, but I can't reveal which one, and you would never guess it.

James tells Grandpa Happy Birthday.

Then aunt Lindsay puts him to sleep.

Peggy Ann made us a delicious dinner and the Leonard favorite - Angel food birthday cake (which coincidentally also happens to be the Clay tradition as well).

Tommy loves to hold james - he is usually the first one to ask for him.

Then we all sat around and did a bit of a roast.

On Saturday we headed to Olympia for Grant's 5th birthday party. It was a Thomas the Train theme, and totally over the top (I love that about Michelle's parties). All the kids had conductor hats and scarves and Thomas was everywhere. I wish I had more pictures of it.