Thursday, September 28, 2006


with my knitting needles

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm in love with Portland

Portland is such a nice city. If we didn't just buy a house I would be tempted to trick Curt into moving there.
Tuesday Ian and I went to the Portland Children's museum. It is the biggest one we have gone to so far and really fun.

Not from the museum - but a good close up of typical Ian. I promise to get a video of him walking soon - he is doing so well.

On the road again

Saturday we left for Astoria again so we could hang out with Grandma Barabara and Grandpa Ray before we went to Portland on Sunday for a conference for Curt. Ian wasn't very happy about being in his carseat for so long.

The croc helped a little.

As did the light on his fake key chain.

We spent most of sunday in Astoria - being entertained by Ian and the Seahawks.

Ian enjoyed our hotel room when we finally got to Portland. He discovered toilet paper and had fun swimming in the hotel pool and playing in the bath.

We spent monday exploring downtown, playing at the park and shopping. On Monday night we met up with Sarah and Jeremy Rice and had a yummy dinner. Sarah is 34 weeks pregnant and super cute (you can't even tell she is pregnant in this picture).

Ian checking out the playground equipment while we ate gelato.

The Puyallup Fair (pronounced pew-allup)

Last Friday we went to the largest fair in WA with the Penrods. The displays of hottubs and wood burning stoves were impressive (??) and the livestock was smelly, but fun for the boys. Unfortunately, the food was not as good as expected (who makes scones at a fair that aren't fried?).

The best part was - Ian bit through the cup and poured lemonade all over his pants. He had to walk around with michelle's coat around his bare legs all night.

Ian at the petting zoo - pulling the hair off the little goat.

Lucky Grant was old enough to go on some of the rides.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shakin it

I didn't realize you can't rotate videos.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ian is his name-o

Tonight we heard Ian laughing really hard and we discovered him shoving his face against the window and blowing rasberries.

He's also decided that his push toy is better for climbing than for pushing.

He likes harassing Grandpa Leonard - especially in the morning when he is trying to eat breakfast and get to work.

This is my sweet snot-nosed dirty baby boy. Actually, he used to be sweet until he became obsessed with his nursery rhyme cd that he makes us play in the car everytime we are in it. I hate it hate it hate it and he screams if we don't play it. How did he get such bad taste in music?

Today is Ian's good friend atticus' birthday - we are sad that we missed his birthday party back in DC so we wanted to wish him happy birthday. Happy #1.

Ian and Atticus during their last playdate in the park.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The housie

Here are some pictures of the house that we took last night. Monday we have the first walk-through with the builder and we should be able to close in a couple of weeks - yipee.

The living room - facing the front door

living room to your left

living room to your right

The family room (from the kitchen) (and our real estate agent)

The kitchen

downstairs bathroom

Ian trying out the stairs for the first time

the master bedroom


More later - Ian just woke up.

Monday, September 11, 2006


This weekend we went to visit my Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Ray in Astoria OR. Astoria started as a little fishing village set on a hill overlooking the mouth of the Columbia river. Now it is a charming little city with lots of little shops, nice restaurants, cute old houses and a fabulous view. Here is a picture from the Lewis and Clark Column at the top of the hill.

The Oneal's garden is as beautiful as ever. Ian had lots of fun discovering the flowers.

and the piano... at first he wouldn't touch it - then we couldn't keep him away from it.

Ian's other newest obsessions include: 1. being outside - he goes to the sliding glass doors and bangs until I take him out. While we were in OR Grandma Barbara did a pretty good job at gatekeeping while we played outdoors.

2. throwing the wiffle ball and chasing after it, throwing again and chasing after it again. He'll also play catch with you (or more like roll).

3. throwing every bit of food he doesn't want to eat on the floor (sorry about your carpet Grandma Leonard and Great Grandma O'Neal)