Monday, March 30, 2009

The Seattle Science Center

So it turns out that the science center is way more fun than the childrens museum. There is a butterfly exhibit, dinosaurs, a magic show, a music room, a huge play area, outside water toys and we were there all day.

It wouldn't be a post about my boys without a picture like this....

My best finds

come from the Japanese dollar store. I got four of these mini mugs - bear, panda bear, bunny, kitten.

in church on sunday
ian: mom do you see her throwing a fit on the floor. I am so embarrassed.
me: really?
ian: yes - I am so embarrassed.

baby jedi

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Henries

Marisa and her kids came up for a surprise visit during their spring break. It was two days of perfectness - our kids loved eachother and we even got to go out alone while Curt watched all the kids.

Ian called Jude his best buddy the whole time he was here. I guess that was because Jude brought two light sabers that they played with nonstop and slept in his room. What more could you want out of a friend? (he has already asked me when we are going to his best buddy's house)

Sometimes they even let Lola play - she was the baby princess jedi.

This is a fitting picture because James spent the whole time beating on Simon and Simon spent a lot of time telling us how much he didn't appreciate it. They are only 2 months apart and someday they will be best buddies too.

Sweet Simon.

Tuesday morning we took the kids to a jump place and let them go wild.

I have to admit that the best time was after the kids went to bed and we could sit around drinking coke and chatting (and doing darling little Marisa projects). We are planning our next trip to Portland ASAP.

The museum again

But this time with TD, Gavin, Maya and Kinley. They made it way more fun.

Ian and Maya learning about the Pacific NW great outdoors.

Kinley and James playing in the water. He was soaked.

Kinley spent a lot of time kissing george (this is the picture I wanted from one of my kids but neither of them would sit still enough to even get a picture near george).

Maya and Ian painting masterpieces.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Can I please get some more nice weather so we can do more of this? The boys want to be outside every second - it is definitely time for a swing set!

Conversation of the week:

Ian: you know Josh?
Me: Anna's dad Josh?
Ian: No the other one.
Me: Little Josh your cousin?
Ian: No mom, the human Josh, melia's (amelia) dad.
Me: oh Josh McKinney. Yes I know him.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Christmas in March

Ian woke up this morning and threw-up twice. Then he asked if he could go play in the snow.

This was his face as he said "can I throw a snowball at the camera?"

It is still snowing as I am blogging.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Two haircuts and a shiner (and a bunny)

He can't help snuggling with his bunny. He usually has to lay his head on your shoulder, too.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sweet 2 1/2 hours of freedom

Today was Ian's first day of preschool.

And James and my first day of freedom.

We partied it up at Costco.

After Ian was so excited about signing up for pre-school last week I decided I should find him something he could do right now that would get us through until the weather is nicer and we can play outside more. This one has an hour of gymnastics/week and lots of interactive learning.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Matyas Birthdays

Saturday went up to Monroe for Ben's baptism and a birthday party for Ben and Abby.
Abby was all smiles all night long - (I kind of get the feeling that is how she is most of the time - love her).

Jessie is so beautiful.

Cherie, Mike and Ben.

Delicious food and perfect cakes (Cherie must be a Bennett).

p.s. Cherie - thanks for the photos (and the fun night) - I stole all of them from your blog!

Things my boys love right now

1. Playing with his star wars guys, making forts and stashing all of his toys in corners where they make a big mess for me to clean up.
(this is what I mean by stashing - he named this "the tower")

2. Water of any kind. This was at the FW Community Center that we went to a couple of weeks ago. I have to drain the water to get him and James out of their bath (and James won't take a bath without him).

3. Pretending he is a super hero.
Ian: I am the Hulk (I seriously don't even know how he knows about the hulk)
Me: The hulk doesn't hit his mom.
Ian: No mom - the hulk doesn't have a mom.
3. Being sassy to his mom.
4. Snuggling and kissing his mom (which sometimes makes up for the sassiness).
5. Talking about preschool - we just signed him up this week for next year and he is so so ready.
6. Talking. About ANYTHING. Constantly. (I guess not much has changed since the last time I did a post like this)
7. Tom and Jerry - he laughs out loud at it over and over.


1. Walking.
2. Wrestling his brother or anyone else on the floor. It seriously never gets old (for him).

3. Playing outside - he stands at the back door and bangs and cries when I take his jacket off him when we come in.
4. Reading books - especially ones about animals or that have lift-the-flaps. He brings them to you, climbs up and plops himself down on your lap.
5. The toilet - I'll spare you the details.
6. Coloring - I don't think I started this young with Ian but Jamesy loves it.

His first word "ball"

Typical James -

Things I love right now:
Dinner parties with friends
The memory of sunshine