Monday, June 25, 2007

Another weekend in Astoria

Friday we went to Astoria to visit my grandparents. They were incredibly calm about having a wild child running through their house full of beautiful antiques. Ian, as always, was smitten by "papa" and followed him everywhere he went.

On Saturday we were going to meet the Henrie's at cannon beach but since it was too cold for a beach day they drove to Astoria and we spent the day hanging out there.
Here they are - the darlingest family of four you've ever seen.

Ian loved playing with Jude and Lola.

Here are jude and ian on the trolley ride that goes through town along the waterfront.


I have been a terrible blogger the last few months anyway, but last week I had a pretty good excuse - Ian ripped all the keys off our laptop. It wasn't that hard to fix - just had to wait until we had time to do it.
So here is what we have been up to:
Another Little Gym graduation. Grandma Leonard and Curt both came to see him get his medal and run around the gym like a crazy boy (at least he wasn't pushing kids off everything he wanted to play on, which is a really big improvement from the past few weeks).

He's also been helping our neighbor, Joan, in her flower garden.

I love this picture because he has my shoes on, his fake dog leash around his neck, a fork in his hand and is climbing on his toy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The headband

In church on sunday Ian took my headband and started wearing it around during sacrament meeting. I was laughing really hard (but quietly) because not only does he look darling but he loves himself so much in it. He found it again yesterday so I took some pictures.
and p.s. - no, dad, I will not cut his hair.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Double Dash Point

Memorial weekend was beautiful so we decided to take Ian to the beach. Here he is getting ready to go...

Dash Point is about a half hour from our house. I wasn't sure what to expect of the beach but I definitely didn't expect Ian to be fully swimming in the puget sound in May. It turned out to be so much fun that we met my friend Michelle there on Friday and kids played for hours and hours in the sand and sun.
He started out clean and dry like this....
and ended up like this....

Here are Ian and Grant on Friday when we met up with the Penrod's

Little Evie