Monday, December 08, 2008

Some soccer

Reasons I really like Ian's soccer picture:
1. He looks like he actually enjoys playing
2. It gives the illusion that it is summer time, and not rainy and cold, and that they play outside on a soccer field and not in the elementary school gym.

Saturday at his game he kept walking off the court randomly and saying, "I'm tired". Maybe next season will be a little better....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The thing about james

is he is fickle. He throws his bunny out of his bed and then cries because he wants it back.
and he is easy - he would chase a ball around all day, infact he freaks out over balls or balloons.
and he has started this screaming thing when he wants something.
and he has started giving kisses.
and he literally hyperventilates when his dad comes home because he is so excited.
and he wants to cuddle every stuffed animal he finds.
and he surprises me and amazes me just as much as his brother did - and I didn't think that was possible.