Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In conclusion...

We haven't settled on a name for the kid yet. But Ian presents a pretty persuasive argument for his selection. In the end, he objects to my line of questioning.

Kissing cousins

Parker's first make-out. Ian's too for that matter. He loves to "kissy" her.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We had Thanksgiving dinner at Curt's parents house this year. Dinner was delicious - I felt even huger than I normally do lately. This year I am grateful that I didn't have to cook a turkey, that my sister is visiting with my darling niece, that my son is healthy and incredibly funny, that I actually carried a baby full term, that my husband is my best friend, and that both of our families are so wonderful and supportive.

Here is Ian eating with his cousins, Katie, Tommy and Jack.

Parker in her Thanksgiving dress.

What our family would look like if we ever have a girl (except she will probably be balder and fatter).

Hanging out this week.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Parker Love

We love Parker and Ashley! Parker is such a perfect little snuggly baby. If baby bean is anything like her, I might actually live through life with Ian +1.
Ian likes to hang out on Parker's blankets, and has been really good with her. He especially loves that she gets dressed several times a day - because it means that he should also get "nake-dee".

My favorite thing about Parker is her thighs. They are amazing.
Curt's favorite thing about Parker is that she likes to watch the Seahawks with him.
Ian's latest.
1. galloping around the kitchen island screaming neigh neigh neigh (thanks mom)
2. taking both hands to my belly and yelling "out baby", he also loves to kiss and talk to my belly
3. telling us all to be quiet because "parkder" is "seepin"
4. when he doesn't get my attention with mommy - he starts calling me "aim, aim, AMY!"
5. finally singing the ABC song (at least partially) and trying to count
6. he loves his "aunt ashy" and baby parker
7. lastly - unfortunately, (or fortunately) he has discovered kids movies, his "moo moos" - here he is watching Shrek with his shrek underwear sticking out.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The neighborhood Star

I've lived here for a year and I've never been invited to the park with the neighborhood "mom's". My mom has been here three weeks and she is already in with the mom crowd and I'm pretty sure she already has more friends in my ward than I do. This week she and Ian were invited to go to a new park with the other mommies and kids, and next week they have been invited to go to the Seattle Children's Museum with one of the families. Is there something wrong with me?

Ian and grandma at the train park with his new favorite friends.

Meet Parker, my niece

How do you make a newborn this cute?

They made her. And I get to finally see her next week - can't wait!

Tricked or treated?

Halloween is my parent's anniversary. It seems like kind of a funny day to choose but the story (told by my father) goes like this (I know we have all heard it a thousand times but I think it is time it was written down): My mom invited my dad to a Halloween party at her Grandmother Whitney's house and thought it would be funny to dress up as a bride and groom. When they got to the party my dad realized that he had been TRICKED - it was really their wedding. He went to the back yard to contemplate running away but as he was standing by the pond, my grandpa (or is it Uncle Joe?) came out with a shot gun and a cement block and told him to get back inside and marry my mother. And, apparently, that was the beginning of their 36 years of marriage bliss. There are a few flaws in my father's story (for example why did his mother fly all the way from the Virgin Islands for a Halloween party?), but the truth is, no matter how it started, I have always admired my parents relationship. They are obviously still in love and happy and I am grateful for them - and all the work they put into their relationship and into our family. Here's to another fabulous year for them!
October 31, 1971 (picture curtesy of Ashley's blog)

Now with that said - I owe both my parents an apology because this year is the first year they have ever been apart on their anniversary. I think my dad took it kind of hard, but for my mom it was Halloween business as usual. She took Ian out to a Halloween party and then trick or treating for at least an hour and a half (he is barely 2 years old). He said "trick or treat" at every house and came home with his pumpkin full of candy as well as the entire trunk of his little push car. He loved every second of it - we are so lucky to have her here. (read the entire story of Ian's Halloween night on her blog).