Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend update

You would think that I would take more pictures when it is warm out and we spend every second outside - I'll try to be better about that...

1. Just started another round of swim lessons
2. Loves preschool and is surprisingly well behaved (in Primary too) - so how come when he is home he NEVER stops talking?
3. Is very fond of the words "actually", "that hurt my life" and "you are not my best friend, mom".


1. Is always dirty (see picture above for example) - he drools constantly even when he is not teething.
2. Loves animals and making animal noises including grrr, roar, woof, moo, baa, honk.
3. Also likes to say ball, baba (bottle), bubble, da, wawa, uh oh, and sometimes eee (for Ian)
4. Is learning to be gentle and pats everyones heads (so gently).
5. Plays by himself and sleeps by himself like his brother never did.
6. Is sitting in the booster seat at the table now and thinks he is really big.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter morning

I forgot to get pictures of the kids dressed-up nice and I forgot to take my camera to Grandma Leonards for dinner - so this is what we are left with - pictures of two very happy boys in their jammies.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hideaway

This week we took a little getaway with some of our friends to Mossy Rock, WA.
The details:
- 14 kids and 5 moms
- one gigantic house in the woods
- yummy food
- very little sleep
- 100% pure chaotic fun

Candi, me, Rachel and Brooke

James and Ace

Our little hike.

Rachel brought glow sticks for the crazies.

The garage was full of games, bikes and all kinds of stuff for the kids to play with outside.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kelsey Creek Park with the Matyas'

I can't believe they actually looked at the camera and smiled.

Jamesy laughing while abby was pushing him.

What a fat pig.

Sheep shearing event on the 25th if anyone is interested.... we already have plans.

Rachel getting older

Yesterday was so beautiful and warm - we had a surprise party for Rachel and my boys came home covered in dirt and sweat and looking very much like it was actually springtime around here.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hello, Cupcake!

This morning the Barkers and the Thortons came over to make some April Fool's Day cupcakes.
They turned out like this and were so fun to make:

We made them as a special treat for Grandpa Leonard on his birthday!

The kids also decorated their own cupcakes.

James and Kinley walked the floors scavenging dropped candy.

Cupcake designs from the best cupcake book ever.