Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Bye San Juan

Sunday morning we said goodbye to the farmhouse.

We found a beach with lots of rocks and lots of driftwood (the kids could have played here making forts all day).

Then we got on the ferry and headed home.

SJI day 2

We started the day down at the water. Of course.

Then we went to check out Roche Harbor, which is totally charming. We walked along the docks checking out the boats.

Then we went to a whale watching area and ate lunch on a cliff overlooking the water. It was so perfect. After lunch we played in the tide pools and hiked to the light house.

That night we went back to the farm house and cooked hot dogs and smores over the campfire for dinner.

The Leonard Family: so happy to be on vacation!

San Juan Island Day 1

I have been wanting to go to the San Juan Islands since we moved here. When I was 9 my family took a boating trip up here - 6 families, six boats - we launched them in Anacortes and boated through the islands sleeping in the marinas, catching crabs, digging for clams, and ending up at the Vancouver BC World Fair. I am sure at 9 I didn't appreciate how amazing that trip was - but I remember enough to know that I would love going back, and this weekend did not disappoint.
Here we are on the ferry to Friday Harbor.

We stayed in this farm house on San Juan Island that overlooked that water and had a bit of a beach to play on.

Not to mention a huge yard to play in, an orchard and a huge fire pit. It was amazing.

Even though we didn't get there until 3 or 4 the boys had fun playing outside while we waited for the Penrods to arrive.

James fell in the mud about a thousand times - apparently throwing rocks in the water is a dangerous past time.

The Tulip Festival

On our way to San Juan Island on Friday we stopped at the Tulip Festival. It doesn't officially start until next week and is only 1/3 in bloom - but was still pretty amazing. The boys were mostly excited about splashing through all the puddles and less excited about the flowers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right now.

Things I have been thinking about:

How sweet it was on Friday when Ian begged me not to put James down for a nap because he wanted him to stay outside and play with him.

The giggling I can hear through the screen when they are in the backyard.

How different they are: James will cry if I ask him to be quiet, Ian will laugh in my face while I scream at him. James will play alone for hours. Ian likes to be entertained. James has to go to bed with his binky, bunny and three favorite toys. Ian doesn't have any real attachments. James is sensitive. Ian is super laid back.

How I need to be more patient.

How funny it was yesterday when I tried to take James' binky/bunny and he said to me "no mama, I got it first." Or when I called him a big boy and he said (growled), "No! I baby."

Spring. It makes me hopeful.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


For St. Patricks Day: we dressed in green, played at the park, went to see the Princess and the Frog, ate some very green cupcakes. It was Ian's perfect kind of day (he LOVES green).

Monday, March 15, 2010


As much as I complain about the weather around here I have to admit we have had a lot of beautiful days already this spring. And no one enjoys them more than these two....

Coming inside isn't so bad, either, ever since Aunt Ashley discovered ebay and bought them 15 new Star Wars mighty muggs. (Ian likes to take pictures of them).

Here are some photos of the park last week. James got the saddest goose egg on his forehead.

The other night Ian came out of his bedroom after we had tucked him in and said "dad my curious george pictures are really freaking me out". He had already turned two of them to face the wall and wanted curt to turn the two on the shelf that he couldn't reach. Cuckoo.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Amelia's Farm

This weekend we went down to Elma with the McKinneys to stay on a farm that Josh's boss owns. It was so green and the weather was beautiful. We hung out with the cows, threw a lot of rocks in the river (until ian fell in of course), cruised around on the four-wheeler and had a huge bon fire. Of course it is always fabulous when the McKinneys come to town.

We actually spent some time inside, too...