Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today we picked up Aunt Ashley and met Aunt Nicole, Micah and Sadie at Butler's Orchard to go blueberry picking. We had to park and then take a tractor/wagon ride to the blueberry bushes and I forgot my camera in the car so the only pictures I got were from when we got back to the cars to pay for the blueberries. We each took home about 2 1/2 lbs of huge yummy blueberries. Ian was stuffing them into his mouth as fast as he could and then spitting the skins out all over me (he was on my back). Yummy....

Here are some more pictures that curt took tonight. Ian is trying to pull himself up on everything and following me from room to room in the apartment.

Check out this funny video of Ian (make sure the volume is up).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Corissa Eisenman Kanuck

This weekend we attended my cousin Corissa's wedding in NJ. She was so absolutely gorgeous and so happy with Jon.

Of course my entire extended family was there and it was really fun to see everyone.
Nicki and Megan..

My personal favorite - Cami breakin it down on the dance floor...

Some of the girl cousins...

Me and Curty...

My cute dad...

(my Mom has tons more posted on her blog)

Even though Ian didn't attend the wedding - he still had lots of fun with the family.

So, I know this post is all pictures and no substance but honestly, it is going to be really really hard to leave my family and it was so wonderful to get the chance to spend such a fun weekend with all of them.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coast to Coast

Last week we went to Washington state to visit Curt's family. Ian loved meeting Grandma and Grandpa Leonard and hanging out in thier cool house.

Who wouldn't love to see this view from the backyard?

Ian's favorite part of the trip was playing with his cousins Tommy....

And Jack because they are so funny!

Grandpa Leonard had just finished the new back deck when we arrived.

We got to meet baby Luke (1 month old). Here he is with his big sister Karina and mom Amy.

Grandma Leonard kept Ian entertained with big beaded necklaces that she gladly let him suck on. Here is a cute picture of Grandma Leonard and Aunt Lindsay. an added bonus - Josh was in the area for a business trip and we got to hang out with him.

Our big news is that Curt interviewed and was offered a job while we were there and we are moving to Washington sometime this summer (I'll keep you posted). West coast here we come...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ian right now

My favorite things:

1. Over the last month Ian has really gotten in to reading books, especially his lift the flap book "Dear Zoo" and his feely book "Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy". He knows how to lift all the flaps and takes his little pointer finger and scratches all the textures in the feely book. It is so cute. Infact, pretty much every book now he takes his little pointer finger and tries to feel all the pictures.

2. He loves emptying his entire basket of toys on the floor and playing with each one. When you give him a toy and he already has two in his hands he tries to pick it up with his mouth instead of letting go of one of the other toys.

3. Rocking back and forth on his knees, moving from one side of the room to the other but NOT crawling.

4. He LOVES my mean authoritative voice and thinks it is hysterical when I tell him "no".

5. He loves (in fact, prefers) any food he can pick up with his little fingers (also, paper, ribbon, and anything else he can find on the floor).