Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The winker

Whenever James smiles lately he also winks. And sometimes he responds to things with a wink instead of words. For example: James, you are cute - wink, or I love you james - smile and wink. He is kind of the quiet type anyway -either that or he has developed a twitch.

In other news - we have been doing lots of hopeful spring kind of things like hiking around lakes and playing with our shirts off in the back yard.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back at the home front.

I often remind myself as a mother that difficult phases will pass. Today that makes me sad because I know the easy phases pass as well - and my boys love each other so much right now. I wish I could make it last.

CA - Sea World

My favorite things about Sea World:

1. The shark tunnel. Impossible to get a good picture of it.

2. The Baluga whale and her baby. Zoey was trying to swim with them.

3. The awesome kid play area.

4. Changing Ian's entire outfit because his uncles used him as a shield at the Shamu show.

5. Grandma buying James' his Dolphy - he still sleeps with it every night.

6. The animals - but especially feeling the super slimy mantarays. That was creepy.

By the looks of the next two pictures - I'd say Ian was pretty much done with taking pictures at this point in our trip.

I could have spent another whole day at Sea World - there was so much that we missed and I wanted to let the kids play a lot longer in the play area. Next time....

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

CA - Disneyland/California Adventure

Somehow, Disney is even more magical with kids. My favorite part was seeing Ian or James face as we got off a ride (not that I ever actually got to ride with them with their cousins there). They were super brave and not afraid of anything - and totally charmed by the whole experience.

Top five rides - Amy:
1. Space mountain
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. The Haunted Mansion
4. The Tower of Terror
5. Screamin California

The mommies took such good care of their babies.

And what is with Disneyland and weird hats???
Although, this one is somewhat appropriate - love ya mom!

Cute things I remember about Disneyland:
- Zoey eating Churros - truly her father's child.
- Talking a lot about the blueberry.
- How amazing Devon and Connor are with all their little cousins - you boys are the best!
- James pointing to everything and yelling "look" while on It's a Small World
- The battle for the most points at the Toy Story Ride.
- Ian loving Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, a lot.
- Riding Screamin CA over and over.
- Nicki's white face during the ferris wheel ride.
- The game of Can you guess the Star Wars character while waiting for World of Color to start. Welcome to the nerds, Paul.
- Losing Ian at the play area - oh wait, that wasn't cute.
- Hanging out with Laura and Kristyn for a little. Thanks for coming girls - it definitely wasn't long enough!
- The turkey legs. So gross and yet so good.

CA - the preciouses

Dallas and Zoey were blessed by their Grandpa Clay while we were all together. I felt really lucky to be a part of all that. And really lucky to have lots of holding and loving time with those two sweet baby girls. Love, love, love them.

The littles devising an escape plan.

CA - Legoland

A little chilly but a lot awesome.
Of course Parker and grandpa went on lots of rides together - she kind of has a thing for him.

And James has a thing for being a pirate. Arrrrgh matey!

Me and my sisters and mom - this picture makes me happy.

Yay - and finally Meg, Pauly and Zoey showed up after an unexpected overnight in Newark (and lots of vomiting) - youch.

Cami and Curt both flew in on Friday so they were there, too.

When I say that james does funny faces like Connor used too - this is what I mean.