Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is all I've got

And they aren't even clear.
It turns out May has been a really bad month for taking pictures. I mean what could compete with ashley and cami's pictures of them together in CA doing every single fun thing you could do. Together.

We had a couple of nice days last week and the boys have already rediscovered the magic of the backyard hose. Hours and hours and hours of fun. James basically refuses to wear anything but sweatpants and long sleeve shirts no matter how hot it is because he is always "so cold mama, I so cold". Of course on the hose day he insisted on his wool church sweater. So stubborn.

Other than fun with the hose, the boys are spending a lot of time wrestling and doing art projects. Of course when things don't go James' way he usually reverts to calling Ian poophead - which makes Ian furious and makes James want to use it over and over and over. Oh the vicious cycle.
They also love to go to our Neighbor Joan's house every couple of days and pick fresh flowers for our kitchen. I love it and think it is so sweet. I also love to see things through Ian's eye view - like the picture below.

I promise to take some worthwhile pictures of my children soon. But probably not today because right now it is downpouring, they are both asleep and I am off to indulge myself in a book.