Saturday, March 31, 2007


This week I went to visit one of my bffs Marisa that just moved to Portland from LA. I'm so so excited that she is close(r). She has two kids that ian loved - and the best part was Micah watched all the kids on Tuesday night while marisa and I went shopping and to dinner all by ourselves. dreamy.

ian and lola hanging out (lola loves her sparkle shoes so much that she had to sleep with them)

sword fighting with jude
ian and jude wore their matching dinosaur pjs
ian was so happy when he woke up and realized that his friends were still there to play with
The rest of the week went pretty much as ususal..
ian dust mopped the backyard and played outside as much as possible

Monday, March 26, 2007

Abby Baby

Ian and I finally went up to Monroe to meet the newest member of the Matyas family, Abby. She is darling and Cherie let me hold her as long as I wanted to (which was basically the whole time we were there). Ian loved her too, and did his token "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" over and over in her face. I'm begining to think that I must talk to babies in a ridiculously high, annoying voice like that or something.

Abby and her mom (my cousin Cherie)

Josh and Ben - we were sad to miss Jessie but she was at school

Sunday we got to see Abby again at her baby blessing. I wish I had taken my camera - but we are glad to be close enough to attend special occasions.

On another note - Ian the destroyer keeps pulling out all of my flowers in the front yard. It is really annoying - so I have been locking him in the cupboards...

By the way - neither of these cupboards are normally empy - but at this point they were.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ian is such a copy-cat lately. Like he coughs when you cough - or he laughs because you are laughing. He also wears curt's shoes (or headphones or anything else he can find) around the house, pretends he is shaving his face with his electric razor, and talks on his cell phone non-stop.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The middle

On Thursday Ian and I met my grandparents and Aunt Susie in Centralia, WA for lunch. Aunt Susie was visiting from TX, and still loved Ian even after he dumped her plate of food on the restaurant floor.
The O'Neal's (wearing thier green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day)
We walked around outside after lunch and watched a couple of trains go by.
Ian wearing my grandma's gloves. He was a big fan of grandpa O'Neal - mostly because he took him around to all the tables at the restaurant and let him blow out the candles.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ian's Heaven

Visiting my family is always a nonstop party (winter not excluded). And since it snowed a ton while we were there we spent most of our time having fun outside.

Here is Ian and Grandpa riding the tractor up to snow blow the road.
Then back down because Ian fell asleep
We also went snowmobiling almost every day. My first time out (not ever - just this trip) my sister Cami stopped me to give me some sisterly advice that went something like this, "if you don't start going faster Dad isn't going to want to ride with you anymore." That is when I realized why snowmobiling is so fun.
Here is Ian with my mom - He didn't go for long rides - just a couple of times around the field.
We also went night sledding - which was the best because the snowmobiles take you to the top of the hill so you don't have to walk.
Ian also fell asleep on the snowmobile. He was pretty much sleep deprived our entire trip.
This was the night I learned that Ian turns into a mean drunk when he is really really tired. I tried to take him away from his cousins and he pushed my hands away and screamed "no!"
More fun outside...
Nicki's birthday party.
Trying to keep Ian busy in the car.
Last but not least - ian's favorite person. He would ditch me anytime for Uncle David.

The newest marrieds

A couple of weeks ago Ian and I took a trip to DC for my sister Ash's wedding. She was beautiful and she and Hank were really happy. My dad performed the ceremony - which was emotional and very sweet. And we spent all night eating and hanging out with the new couple - it was perfect.

While we were in DC we also got to hang out with some old friends - which was so so fun. I wish I had had a few more days so I could have seen everyone.

We stayed with Kimberly and Lindsay (the bestest hostesses ever - thanks girls)

Lunch with Whitney and Justin

Suzi and Isabel and Kim and Lillie

We went to our favorite old park with Atticus and Melanie

Curt's sister Nicole and her kids Micah and Sadie

Micah with the best Bat Man costume ever.

Ian spent the weekend giving out kisses - especially to Megan and Ash

On the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house we stopped in NJ to see the Eisenmans and the Kanucks. Here is Corissa Jon and darling little Peyton.

Since Ash lives in our old apartment and we stayed mostly in our old neighborhood - it felt a little like I could just slip back into our old life. I loved looking at all my favorite town houses again as we walked around and having the parks and restaurants (and friends) so close by. I think this is my favorite picture because it is right in front of our old apartment - on the walkway that I walked for four years. I miss it.