Monday, February 27, 2006

First Ice cream

So I am a bad mom and gave Ian a little bite of my after lunch ice cream today. He was so excited and kept looking at me like I was hogging the yummiest yummy thing so I gave him another little bite and he loved it (technically it isn't his first taste of ice cream because at 6 weeks Grandpa Clay fed him some at an ice cream shop in Ithaca while I was gone to the bathroom). So it turns out after not having a (working) freezer for three years that ice cream is a really dangerous thing to have in the house. I had no idea that all people with real freezers were exercising such self control every day. I ate ice cream for dinner 3 times the first week we got the new fridge and soon I'll have to wean myself off lunch desserts. Here is a recent picture of Curt all fattened up.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

6 months

Last week we went to Ian's 6 month appointment and he weighed in at 18.2 lbs and is 26 inches long. That makes him 60% for weight (not bad for a preemie) and 50% for height, and basically a little butterball. This is very concerning to his dad, who's worst nightmare is having a short little boy that takes after his mother. So I went to a couple of children's height predictor websites and they all predicted that he would be 5.10, which is not so bad I think (although I have no idea how they calculate the predicted height and instead of choosing how many months old he is I had to choose less than 4 years, so who knows how accurate it is). Anyway, he is round, but he is also really funny and who cares if he is short if he is funny, right?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Still day one

Ok I can already tell that I might become obsessive about this because it is the same day and I already want to post again. This time with more pictures, because all my favorite blogs have lots and lots of pictures. I realized while going through our pictures that all of Ian's (my) favorite outfits are from Aunt Ashley.
For example - the reddish/orangish Tenenbaum Adidas running suit...

or the super comfy striped thermal hoodie with fleece navy blue pants....

or (and here she is) the new green button shirt with blue and white sleeves...

Thanks for making my baby cute Ash.

New Blog

I figured it might be annoying to some people that I send out pictures of Ian once a week (or more), so I thought instead of sending them to people that don't want them anyway, I would just post them to a blog and those that are interested can check it if they want. Besides - maybe I will actually keep a journal of his firsts and more this way.

Firsts this week:
1. Swimming at the indoor public (baby) pool with his friend Atticus. Ian was splashing like a maniac and L-O-V-E-D it. Except when he dipped his face in the water twice and scared himself. I had to call Grandpa Clay to tell him that Ian is getting ready for the "yake" this summer (and Grandpa told me a little story about letting Connor take his shoes, socks and pants off and wade into the water up to his knees and then encouraging him to take his shirt off and swim - THIS WEEK IN THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY- and I thought, note to self - never leave Ian alone with Grandpa).

2. Infant storytime at the SE Library - they sing songs and read stories and most of the kids are a little older but Ian still likes it a lot. He loves being with other kids and thinks his mother is very very boring.

3. Bananas in his rice cereal, which he still mananges to smear everywear because everytime I put a bib on him he tries to eat it instead of the food.

4. His second ear infection - poor baby - and his third type of antibiotic to try to clear it up. Doesn't sleep but he is still happy most of the time.