Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Indian summer

Yesterday it was 83 so we went to the park after dinner. And we are still getting raspberries, zucchini, squash, lettuce and cucumbers (we are waiting for our pumpkin to turn orange - is that going to happen or is it to late for that?) in the garden.

Jamesy is pretty much always on the move lately. And he is cutting his first tooth - which might explain why he doesn't want to eat ANYTHING lately.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

James is the new Ian

I imagined (or hoped) that James would always be my calm, sweet child - or maybe I just forgot already how entirely busy they are at this age. James is crawling everywhere, emptying bookshelves and drawers, is obsessed with the stairs, pulls himself up on everything, wrestles his brother and eats as much as I will put in front of him. He is also showing signs of having inherited the Leonard child "no-fear" disease, which for me is very very frightening.

He has dived into the pool a couple of times - and will sit by the sprinkler and play forever, sticking his face in and drinking the water.

I wish I could get a better wrestling video - James is usually laughing really hard while Ian is steam-rolling him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

E is 3

There are so many things I love about Ian at three.
1. he goes on playdates and asks me to leave him there when I come to pick him up
2. he asks me "you want me to..." about everything he is doing - for example "you want me to jump on my bed?" and also, "why?"
3. he wrestles with James on the ground and james laughs the whole time - in fact he always makes james happy
4. he will eat ANYTHING that I grow in the garden - it is very satisfying (for me)
5. he talks on the phone like such a big boy
6. when he gets in trouble or upset he tells me "me need a hug and a kiss from my mommy" and he calls me his snuggle bug
8. he rides his scooter with one leg in the air, and super fast. and he wants to go on a scooter ride at least once a day
9. he has a BFF, Josie that he could spend 24/7 with and they play perfectly together
10. he is happy and he laughs a lot.


I finally got new batteries for our camera - and I promise to start taking pictures again tomorrow (ashley). Until then, here are a few random ones I found on the chip.

I've been missing lots of fun things like Cami and Mike visiting last weekend (see above for the only picture taken while she was here).