Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Girls girls girls

Last weekend my friends Kimberly, Lindsay and Michelle came up to visit from dc. Michelle brought her two boys, Daniel (2) and Isaac (8months) (sans her husband Marc who was on a business trip to africa). We spent most of the weekend swimming, hottubbing and hanging out.

Here we are on the boat: Lindsay Daniel Kimberly Ian Amy and Michelle

We were super impressed with 1. everyone's skiing - here is kimberly....

2. Michelle taking care of two kids....here are Isaac and Ian in baby jail

3. how cute Lindsay looks with wind blown hair... and

4. Ian's boat driving skills (we made him turn for the picture)

Here is a picture of us all watching the hoola hoop contest that kimberly and michelle started at my grandma's cottage....I would have never guessed how hysterical it is to watch adults hoola hoop - Kimberly took the prize for sure...

One of the highlights of the weekend was talking to David on the phone from Iraq - I had to photograph my parents talking to him together on the bed, each with thier own phone.

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Curt said...

Hey - don't have fun without me! Cute pictures.