Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Days without a car

Our car has been in the shop this week so Ian and I have been hanging out at home A LOT. The good part is the house is really clean and I get to take naps with Ian, which I love. And Ian loves playing with all his new Christmas toys - especially his tonka truck, which he loads with anything and everything and then pushes it around the house.

Ash - if you can't tell, he is kissing the shark postcard you sent him from the Baltimore Aquarium (in both pictures).


Kathy Clay said...

I love entries in the Ian blog. Of course your house is clean, Ian is cleaning it! Is it proper that he spend so much time cleaning? There are child labor laws you know.

laura_d said...

man, how i'd kill to be stuck at home without a car right now. and with a baby who likes to clean? can't think of anything better.