Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time for a post

We have been pretty boring lately - mostly just taking care of the yard and getting stuff for the house.

Ian's new favorite thing is to climb and jump (mostly out of his crib, which is now a big boy bed and in which he now refuses to sleep, but pretty much anything will do).

New favorite words:
mess (after he makes one, not to prevent one)
choo choo
off (always in reference to clothes)

He is starting to look so much like a little boy to me, today I went through his baby pictures so I could remember what he was like, so sweet and chunky and immobile.


Joshua said...

the chair dive onto curt is amazing.

sarah said...

Josh - you stole my comment! I love that. He's such a cute kid.

Laura said...

love it!

Pashless said...

Looks like the maniac has a skinned knee...