Monday, June 25, 2007

Another weekend in Astoria

Friday we went to Astoria to visit my grandparents. They were incredibly calm about having a wild child running through their house full of beautiful antiques. Ian, as always, was smitten by "papa" and followed him everywhere he went.

On Saturday we were going to meet the Henrie's at cannon beach but since it was too cold for a beach day they drove to Astoria and we spent the day hanging out there.
Here they are - the darlingest family of four you've ever seen.

Ian loved playing with Jude and Lola.

Here are jude and ian on the trolley ride that goes through town along the waterfront.

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alysha said...

Were you in Astoria, Queens, or Astoria, Goonies? If it was Queens, I would be sad you didn't call us. (the Beans, from BYU, I used to play with Curt, I was roomates with Sarah, I worked at Banana Republic). Ian is very cute by the way!