Sunday, September 09, 2007

Forced Potty Training

(not his potty - just a funny picture)

Things I love about Ian this week:
1. The way he calls curt while he is at work on his fake cell phone and says: dada you ome?
2. The way he puts all his tools in the trailer of his bunda and then pretends to fix it.
3. The way he kept saying "bye bye hammer" so sadly after he threw it down the vent in the kitchen.
4. The way he loves to read all the new tractor books that aunt ashley sent him, over and over and over (one is especially good at getting him to do almost anything in order to hear it again).
3. How cute his little little bum looks in his little Thomas the Train underwear.

Which leads me to the real reason for this post. For the last couple of weeks Ian has decided that he wants to go to the bathroom on the toilet - and who am I to say no to that (although in my head I wasn't going to have to deal with potty training for at least another six months or more and I feel totally pressured into it and unprepared)? He does really great when he is running around the house naked (his preference), or with very little on but as soon as he has undies and shorts on he forgets altogether that he is supposed to go in the toilet. Has anyone else had this potty training problem? Please please please tell me all your potty training secrets - I need some good tricks.

On another note - I won this amazing virtual baby shower on this mom-blog that I love. Check out all the great stuff - the indulgent and the practical kind of stuff that all makes me happy. It has already started coming in the mail and it is like Christmas everyday - I love it.


Cherie said...

Come to think of it, that's the way Josh started. He was fine naked or maybe underpants, but fully dressed, he'd forget. Until one day...he asked to go when we were at the park (with a diaper on) and from that day on, he was fine dressed or not.

KamilahNYC said...

so cool that you won! It looks like you are getting some amazing stuff!!
P.S. I went to the capital hill ward yesterday and I kept thinking you should be there, but was amazed at all the changes! crazy!

teabelly said...

wow! i can't believe you won all that cool stuff. it is super duper amy looking stuff. congrats!

Isaac and Daniel Cook said...

Amy - That is awesome you won all that- and it's even better they gave it to someone who is already a mom! First time moms usually get all the goods.
We all miss you guys. Daniel still talks about Ian, it's really cute.

sarah said...

that's so cool that you won the big prize! i was secretly hoping you'd enter so you could win. :)

ian is adorable!

D/B/c/m said...

love love that picture on the other blog--looks like a pea in the pod ad or something. so cute! congrats on your win and condolences on potty training ;-)

m. said...

flynn has done the same thing. i think it is sort of a novelty right now & i m not sure when i will venture into actual underwear. i m waiting to see how serious he is about it.
p.s.-josh sent us your email addresses to invite you to our blog. i will do it soon.