Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Park is back in town

Ashley and Parker came to visit us for a few days this week. Parker is so so darling - we are all in love with her. And it was pretty nice to have my sister around, too. Here are some random shots of our fun three days.

The slide sequence....nice Ash

Their first cousin bath - Ian and James were splashing each other like crazy and Parker was trying to get away from them.

Not only does ian have an awesome tongue - but awesome hair as well.

Jamesy's first pear

Things we LOVE about this little girl:

1. the way she sits on her knees and bounces up and down
2. her obsession with the stairs - ashley didn't appreciate this but it was really funny
3. her cute rosy cheeks
4. miniature feet
5. the way she still prefers curt to me - and is so content in his arms
6. she gives kisses - not the suck on your face kind that james gives
7. she waves and says buh-bye
8. her dislike of grass - she made the funniest faces when she touched it with her hands or feet
9. she charms. everyone.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing all three cousins playing together - Ian took every toy away that he could and james watched longingly as parker crawled away but they made eachother laugh and kept each other company in the back seat of the car. It is going to be so fun at the lake this summer.....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for the lake, kids and grandkids. We'll see how Park likes shale!