Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 4ther

I wasn't sure that you could actually have fun on the 4th of July without being at the lake - but it turns out that you can. We went to the Barker's for a fabulous BBQ.
I made a flag cake.

James dove for Amber's italian soda so many times she finally gave him the straw.

Maggie was born two weeks after Jamesy. They love each other.

But not nearly as much as these two. Ian and Josie are BFFs. They get along perfectly - even when there are tons of other kids around they are in their own little world, playing and teaching each other their naughty habits (Josie taught ian to write all over himself and ian taught josie how to pee outside - lovely).

Brooke - Josie's mom and hostess extraordinaire.

I don't think I have ever lived in a place where fireworks are legal. It was so crazy - people letting off big fireworks every couple of houses. Tons of noise and fireworks in every direction.
Here are James and Curt watching.

And Cory helping Ian hold a shooting something or other.

Amber, Brooke and some of the kids watching the show.

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Brooke and Cory said...

Love The Lens! Love the Pics!