Friday, October 10, 2008

Sholz Farm

One benefit of living in this area is we are surrounded by farms and tons of fresh, local produce. There are at least 3 pumpkin farms within 10 minutes of us - today we went to our second (and I'm sure we will make it to the 3rd because I am totally convinced that Ian would love a haunted hayride - am I crazy?).

The gigantic hill of wood shavings - which reminded me of a hamster cage and kind of made me want to throw up.

All the kids: Peyton, Sophie, James, Charlie, Ian, Baily, Maggie, Annie and Henry.

Biggest squash ever.

Three of Amber's 5 kids. I love this picture.

There was a corn maze for the kids that told the story of Peter Pan as you walked through.

Classic Ian.

There were lots of farm animals to see - but ian liked these smelly guys the best.

We went home with five gourds and a white pumpkin. I saved the heavy lifting for when curt is with us.

Swan gourds.

Growth chart - well, he sure is funny.

That is a lot of pictures, and I didn't even document the "little" pee accident, stuffing his mouth so full of kettle corn that he could barely close it, rolling pumpkins down the rows, or falling asleep on the way home.


Goff Six Adventures said...

ok, cute pics! If you go again, call me, Connor loves the 'punkin' patch! Ok, so I just tagged you - check out my blog for the details... Christina

Ben said...

Hi Leonards! This is Ben Jensen, a long lost friend from the early days of Auburn. I have often wondered how you are doing. Nice to be able to get in touch!