Thursday, January 01, 2009

sans children

One of the first things we did when we got to NY was leave our kids with my mom and dad and take a trip to NYC. It turns out that taking a trip without your kids, no matter how short, is the best thing ever.
First we met up with Ashley Hank and Parker (and Dave came too).

I love NYC at Christmas. It is my favorite time to visit.

Then we met up and stayed with Di and Amber. I love them. And we also hung out with Chris Romney all night, who we haven't seen in forever but it was just like we had. There is something reassuring about friendships and people that always stay the same - but gentler somehow. snowed a ton at my parents.

Apparently Ian threw a snowball in Parker's face as soon as they got outside. And I tell this story because....someday she will read it and be able to get her revenge on her mean big cousin.

James was really good without us.

And Ian doesn't need us if Devon and Connor are around anyway.

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