Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the beginning

We took our first family road trip down to UT for my brother's wedding. It has been a while - and was so great to see family and hang out with friends we haven't seen in forever (thanks Stubbs, Arntsens and Kellys).

Hanging out in Park City.

Ian and my mom heading up to the sled ride at the Utah Olympic Park.

Cami and my dad on the way up to the extreme zip line. It was SO fun.

The view from the top before we got harnessed in.

Curt was there too. He is cute.

We spent a lot of time swimming at the hotel. My boys are water bugs.

We also took a very nostalgic tour of our old hang outs in provo and on Thursday we went on a tour of the new Occurh Mountain Temple.

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