Thursday, August 13, 2009

NY - July

There were four discs of pictures to go through of our month of July at the lake so I could only post my very favorites - you can see why I have been avoiding blogging lately. As I am going through pictures ian is asking me over and over when he can go back to the lake (do you get the feeling I don't get to blog by myself very often?). I hope it becomes my kids favorite place in the world as it is mine. Thanks mom and dad for having us.

My very favorite summer picture.

Ian Devon and "Conbug" spent hours and hours on the water trampoline.

Ian fishing. His cousin's taught him how.

E and Park. Waiting patiently for an adult to go down to the water with them.

Nic and the boys.

Curt and I, Dave and Kristine. This does not happen often.

We miss parker.

Delicious dinner at doug's fish fry.

My sisters. Is someone missing?

My boys love aunt nicki.

We met sweet babyTaylor.

James and Parker were crazy together!

Uncle Joe and my dad racing.

The lake is so pretty.

No pants.

Ian was crazy in the water. He has no fear.


m. said...

o k. that looks like m y new favorite place. looks like so much fun. i looove the pic of ian fishing & that video is awesome. so good to see you guys. your boys are just as cute in person as they are in pictures. wish we lived closer!

b. said...

best flip ever.

Cami said...

sad! i'm missing!

acl said...

M - it was so fun seeing you guys - I'm pretty sure ian and flynn would be bffs. you could always move to wa.....