Wednesday, October 07, 2009

These two

It must be that they are both in an easy phase right now because lately all I can think about is how much i love love love my boys. Like that overwhelming kind of love that squeezes your chest a little. And sometimes I feel a little sad that, someday, they might not realize how completely loved they have been since the day they were born, how much they are adored by so many people, how almost my every waking second revolves around them.

Things I love about Ian:
1. He gives me completely unsolicited "I love you mom"s several times a day. Sometimes followed up by an "I love you more." It melts me.
2. He can often be found "teaching" his brother things like jumping from the couch to the coffee table or knocking over chairs to climb across - and his response is, "mom, I'm teaching him."
3. He says funny things like "the car smells like permanent marker" and "It is ok if you lose mom, it is still fun to play".
4. Contrary to his own belief - he does like soccer and has played every night with his dad since his first practice on Saturday.
5. He changes his mind about his halloween costume hourly, and his ideas have included "a boot", which clearly means I get to choose.
6. He refuses to wear shirts, especially to bed and at all playdates.

My favorite conversation this week:
Ian: Mom, want to see something challenging?
Me: Sure.
(Ian stands on the rocking horse's head)
Ian: No hands mom, isn't that awesome?

Things I love about James:
1. He went from a few words to all words in about two weeks. Which makes me think everything he says is brilliant and makes me want to give him everything he can now ask for because he says is to cute. He also really likes to growl his words.
2. His obsession with the scooter - it is actually turning from cute into a bit of a bother.
3. His hockey player mullet - it is starting to get really curly in back.
4. He is starting to look like Ian even to me. I love to hear them playing and talking together (inevitably followed by a scream or cry from james - but when it is good it is really good).


stephanie said...

I know (and love) that exact feeling. Ian cracks me up - "teaching" is a great way to get away with stuff.

Kathy Clay said...

I love your comments about the boys, Amy. I laughed remembering what you might have said a year ago! They are growing up...sadly, but gladly, too. We can hardly wait to see you all....soon!

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

You scared me Ian! Your a great screamer!

kristyn said...

Your boys are so hilarious! These are my favorite kind of posts - out of the mouthes of babes! I know what you mean about that little squeeze in the chest - it always makes me want to reciprocate that feeling and squeeze my kids, perhaps a little too hard sometimes.

kristyn said...

Oops, I meant to say mouths, not mouthes. I guess I should proof read before, not after, I post a comment.

Camille said...

man i can't wait for thanksgiving

laura said...

so sweet. i look forward to an easy phase but thanks for the reminder to cherish the challenging ones too. ian is hilarious.