Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go Alligators

Ian's second season of soccer has proven to be much better than the first. He is at least excited to play this time - but is still a bit distracted (read: 18 high fives from the coach, six thumbs up to dad and 2 blown kisses to mom). He somehow still manages to score at least once a game.

This must have been one of the times he walked up to his coach and said "I'm done."

Go number 6!

Ian also had his first Primary Program on Sunday. He was darling - even during the opening talk when he halfway climbed up the podium to tell the speaker where his dad was.


Goff Six Adventures said...

Ian's so cute! They did such a nice job with the primary program! He was adorable!

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

You keep us laughing Ian. Thanks!