Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bye Bye binky

Today the binky fairy came and took away James' binky and left him a new Lightning McQueen car. He was really excited about the car and ready to give up his binky.
Tonight it took him an hour and a half to fall alseep. I was so desperate I let him have strawberry milk in bed and I finally ended up laying with him until he fell asleep. All I could think was - please can he have his binky back? But he couldn't, because apparently the binky fairy already gave them to baby Dallas.
I did hear some pretty cute things in his bed, like "Mom, is I'm a boy?", "I need a kiss on my cheek", and "is it free (3) o'clock?".
I hope I can make it.


Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

We went through binky withdrawl not too long ago. It took about a week. Poor kid.....and poor guys can do it.

Cherie said...

You can do it!

Crystal said...

We had to lay with Alexis for a long time before she would fall asleep. I started telling her I needed to go brush my teeth and would be back in a minute. I gradually let that minute last longer and longer and she started falling asleep alone. Good luck.

Paulyandmeg said...

Hey Ame has it gotten any easier!? How's he doin?

Earn 200 said...
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