Saturday, January 15, 2011

Star wars on the brain

Me: Why is your brother crying?
Ian: I didn't cheat. I just stole. You can steal light sabers, you know.

Ian: Mom, what about (if) it was the Seahawks vs. the Cardinals on Hoth. And the Seahawks were taking down the Cardinal's ATATs and Matt Hasselbeck was Luke Skywalker.

Ian and James making their star wars guys talk to each other:
James: Hi want to play?
Ian: Yeah.
James: Do you have a jet pack?
Ian: Yeah.
James: Can you not shoot me?
Ian: Yeah.
James: Can you fly?
Ian: Yeah.
James: Let's go. Do you have a light saber?
Ian: No.
James: You can get a blue one from Bespin Luke.
Ian: K let's fly into the play room.

I love overhearing stuff like that.

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