Monday, May 09, 2011

Some love

Yesterday I had mother's day breakfast-in-bed in James' bed (he called for me at 5 to snuggle him) and then was given lots of very sweet crafts from my Kindergartener - a placemat, a trivet with his hand print, some flowers made of egg cartons. Then James told me he loved me a billion, five, a billion, five, a hundred. So I basically feel pretty lucky. Especially since, when I think about being a mom, I think of all the things I have learned from all the moms around me, from my sisters and sisters-in-law who are moms, from my own mom and from my grandmas. You are all incredibly inspirational and I am grateful you are a part of my life. Happy belated Mother's Day.

As I was looking through pictures to find some of my favorite moms I found this - and I think it is perfect.


paulyandmeg said...

Aww.. Happy Belated Mother's Day Ame! Love you : )

Kathy said...

So cute of Meg and Zoey! Hard to believe Zoe will be a year old in June. Must have been so nice to have your guys taking care of you Amy on your special day.