Friday, September 02, 2011

The broken leg

Today Jamesy got his cast off his broken leg. Last night, after he asked his dad if he would bang on his cast forever (helps with the itching), he asked if today he would be able to run super fast again - that was cute. Actually, he has only been walking on it very tenderly if at all and his knee and ankle joints are pretty sore. It is still good to see him without that green leg, though.

Not that it stopped him from doing much...

I wish I had videoed how fast he could hobble around on that thing.

Other funny things about james this week:
On Sunday he walked out of church - ripped off his snap church shirt, threw it on the ground and said "This shirt needs to die!"
He also tried to get Ian to open the bedroom door by knocking and then saying it was the pizza man.

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