Monday, February 27, 2006

First Ice cream

So I am a bad mom and gave Ian a little bite of my after lunch ice cream today. He was so excited and kept looking at me like I was hogging the yummiest yummy thing so I gave him another little bite and he loved it (technically it isn't his first taste of ice cream because at 6 weeks Grandpa Clay fed him some at an ice cream shop in Ithaca while I was gone to the bathroom). So it turns out after not having a (working) freezer for three years that ice cream is a really dangerous thing to have in the house. I had no idea that all people with real freezers were exercising such self control every day. I ate ice cream for dinner 3 times the first week we got the new fridge and soon I'll have to wean myself off lunch desserts. Here is a recent picture of Curt all fattened up.

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