Sunday, February 26, 2006

6 months

Last week we went to Ian's 6 month appointment and he weighed in at 18.2 lbs and is 26 inches long. That makes him 60% for weight (not bad for a preemie) and 50% for height, and basically a little butterball. This is very concerning to his dad, who's worst nightmare is having a short little boy that takes after his mother. So I went to a couple of children's height predictor websites and they all predicted that he would be 5.10, which is not so bad I think (although I have no idea how they calculate the predicted height and instead of choosing how many months old he is I had to choose less than 4 years, so who knows how accurate it is). Anyway, he is round, but he is also really funny and who cares if he is short if he is funny, right?


riggity said...

you nailed it: the only thing that matters is if he's funny.

Anonymous said...

His stats remind me of his 1st cousin once removed who clocked in at the same age with similar stats. The charts predicted height of 5'4" or thereabouts. He ended up at 6'4", but the weight was pretty correct (270 or 300 maybe)
BUT I'M NOT WORRIED...I'll love him no-matter.
A proud grandma