Sunday, August 20, 2006

The grove of the patriarchs

Today we went with Amy and Eric and their kids to Rainier National Park to the Grove of the Patriarchs - which is basically a little hike through some really old, incredibly big trees.

Ian and Curt walking on the trail and holding up the trees.

Tommy, Karina, Katie and Jack

Ian wading through the stream.

Why can't I stop kissing him?

Amy holding Luke, Karina and me in the background.

Curt and his older brother Eric.

Karina and Tommy inside one of the huge trees.


WashingtonDegn said...

These pictures look nothing like DC, have you guys moved??

It looks like your new digs fit very well.


raising dc said...

did you cut your hair off? i really really want to talk to you, but everytime i go to call it is way too early.