Monday, August 07, 2006

The other Auburn

Reasons Ian likes WA:
  1. He was reunited with his little car - everyday we go for walks up and down the street and he talks to the neighbors' horses that we pass.
  2. Grandma Leonard's kitchen drawers - he has emptied just about every one that is in reach and he especially likes banging the metal stuff together.
  3. Lunches with Daddy.
  4. Dancing - this started in NY with Aunt Ashley's cell phone downloads but he has been breakin it down ever since. Last night he impressed his cousins with his moves.
  5. His cousin Jack. He is 4 and he takes his toys away and bosses him around but he plays with him nonstop and Ian totally loves him.
  6. Face plants - I think he will be walking soon - he thinks he can already.

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