Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cousin Love

Devon and Connor returned from their dad's house on Sunday and I have never seen a more excited Ian. His eyes light up as soon as he sees them and they play with him nonstop the whole time they are together (which might also explain the new bump on his forehead and raspberry across his nose).
Things he has learned from them so far:
1. how to wrestle - he attacks connor on the trampoline, takes him down and holds on to his waist while connor rolls back and forth over him while they laugh hysterically
2. racing tricycles - back and forth around and around the porch
3. making sticks into every kind of weapon imaginable

More funny Ian...
laying down in the ivy - I guess he thought it looked comfortable

walking around in my mom's red high heeled shoes

wearing the ski gloves the entire boat ride

getting at least 2 "bunda" rides a day from grandpa (this is the mini-bunda)

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Pashless said...

Wasn't that pink life jacket that Ian's wearing Megan's originally?