Monday, July 23, 2007

Things I never want to forget

about ian.

The cute way he says every one's names:
Grandpa - papa
Grandma - bama
Nicki - icki
Dave - for some reason even though dave is his favorite he doesn't say his name ever
Ash - Ath
Cami - nunu
Shadow - volvo
Jenna - denda
Devon - deo
and my very favorite:
Megan - eggy

the way he pinches his neck whenever he is drinking from his sippy cup or is trying to fall asleep

the way he walks into my parents room at 7:30 am and tugs on grandpa's arm saying "up papa - bunda" over and over. And how one of them almost always gets up and takes him on a bunda ride

the way he laughs hysterically as he chases the dog around the house with his spiderman car

the way he says "sauce mama sauce" instead of "soft" when I talk to him sternly


m. said...

ian sounds so cute. i love reading your blog because it always makes me think about the things i love about flynn. you guys look like you have so much fun & ian just seems to eat it up. what a happy, fun loving kid!

D/B/c/m said...

i agree with m.