Monday, March 31, 2008

Aunt Nunu strikes again

I LOVE that cami is at BYU because it is totally within roadtripping distance. She and Mike drove up on Thursday and stayed for the weekend. We loved meeting mike. And he was darling (and helpful) with the boys, which made us like him even more.

Saturday morning was dance party time.

It happened to also be nakedee dance party time for Ian.

Then we went to Seattle to do some stuff and got these pictures of the cute couple...

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Cami said...

i was just on the phone with mike, and we were both like "coming back to school sucks...can't we just go back and stay in washington for a little while longer?" haha, it was so fun to see you sister! we can't wait to come back, and i'm glad you like mike. that picture of him cradling james is adorable