Sunday, March 02, 2008


Saturday we took the boys to the Seattle Aquarium. Ian loved every second of it - especially seeing the nemo and dorie fish. The whole first section is full of pools with sea life from the puget sound that you can touch (which was nice, because he was trying to kick in the glass in the rest of the place so he could get to the fish).

We accidentally promised ian that we would get to see sharks there (it turns out that the Baltimore aquarium spoiled us and ruined all other aquariums for us from here on out). The closest he got to seeing a shark was standing here next to a painting on the wall comparing how tall you are to a sixgill shark.

Pretty much the best pictures we got were taken right outside the aquarium at the waterfront.

Things I love about ian right now:
- the way he is always concerned that james is near - the first thing he says when he wakes up from his nap is "james michael leonard?"
- when james is hanging out kicking his feet on the floor ian purposely gets in the way and then is genuinely mad when james "kicks" him
-how everything is his "favorite", he "loves it so much", or he has to go pee "so bad mom, so bad"
-the way he falls off his chair 3 times at dinner every single night and never learns not to stand up
- his favorite book this week is "A good day" by kevin henke, and he walks around quoting it
- he gives me slobber kisses and big hugs all day long (especially when I am nursing)


Malashicage said...
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Cami said...

haha, he looks like a little monster in some pictures. i'm sure he wasn't too disappointed with the aquarium even though there weren't sharks!