Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Jensens visit the lake

We were so excited that the Jensens drove up from MD to visit us one last time before they leave for Germany. Ian and Sadie loved each other - they played for hours in the water together.
We were especially excited to meet Taylor. He was so mellow and cute and already walking so well.

On the second day they were here we went to Palmyra to see some of the church sites. Here are nicole and the kids at the visitors center at Hill Cumorah.
Sadly, this may be the only family picture we have taken all summer.

The cousins sitting at the monument on top of the hill.
We also saw the Palmyra temple, the Smith farm and the Sacred Grove.
Just as we were entering the grove, the kids found a frog in the middle of the path and starting freaking out about it. It was really reverent and didn't ruin the experience for anyone else who was there.
Good luck in Germany Nicole and Greg - we can't wait to visit you there!

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Crystal said...

How wonderful to get to go to these special places in our church history. Someday we will make it to see them.