Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some more trip highlights...

There are so many hundreds of pictures to choose from and so many things we did in the 5 weeks we were at the lake. Here are some of the highlights that didn't make it into earlier posts:
Curt finally arrives.

Ian was totally sleep deprived and played super hard. He actually fell asleep at the table several times.

hanging out with my cousin corissa and her daughter payton.

Lindsay and Mike came to visit from DC - we love them, but we miss kimberly too.

The boys - connor, colton, ian, devon and cj.

Parker and uncle dave = true love.

swimming with grandpa. ian is the only one who calls it grandpa's lake and grandpa's house.

James' tongue.

Ian fell off the tubes a couple of times and wasn't very happy about it.

Some things we did:
Cami's bridal shower
Darien lake park
Whitney family reunion
Linds came to visit
The Jensens came to visit
Saw the sites in Palmyra
Hiked Fillmore Glen
Went to the temple
Cami got married
Saw two movies without kids
Got 100 minute massages at Mirbeau
Had a birthday party x3
ate at all our favorite places, ie. Dinosaur, Doug's fish fry, kabuki
played in the lake, a lot
spent time with my family

it was busy, but dreamy.

Oh yeah - and James learned how to army crawl. He loves his new mobility.


Crystal said...

you were really gone 5 weeks. Wow time sure went by fast. Sounds like you guys were busy and had fun. Cute Ian falling asleep at the table.

Tiffany said...

I am Curt's cousin Tiffany. I found your blog by chance, and was so excited to catch up on you guys! Hope you don't mind me snooping around on your page. Your boys are so darn cute! They look so much alike! I absolutely love the picture of James on the lawn mower with his tongue hanging out. You should send that into some sort of baby/photo contest. Looks like you guys had a really fun summer. Feel free to stop by my blog:
www.wadelife.blogspot.com You can also find all my siblings blogs (those who have them) at www.streamfamily.blogspot.com

m. said...

this is one of my favorite blogs because you guys have so much fun & your kids are SO cute & have so much personality. glad you keep us posted!

kristyn said...

Seriously, that picture of James in the steering wheel is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen!! Your kids are so adorable and they look so much like you!! Ian is getting so big! I bet Dean and him would have a blast together.