Thursday, September 18, 2008

James is the new Ian

I imagined (or hoped) that James would always be my calm, sweet child - or maybe I just forgot already how entirely busy they are at this age. James is crawling everywhere, emptying bookshelves and drawers, is obsessed with the stairs, pulls himself up on everything, wrestles his brother and eats as much as I will put in front of him. He is also showing signs of having inherited the Leonard child "no-fear" disease, which for me is very very frightening.

He has dived into the pool a couple of times - and will sit by the sprinkler and play forever, sticking his face in and drinking the water.

I wish I could get a better wrestling video - James is usually laughing really hard while Ian is steam-rolling him.


sarah said...

That video is the cutest thing ever. It almost makes me wish I had another little boy. ALMOST. :)

m. said...

oh my goodness. that video is flynn & sobe exactly! i can't believe how much they love the abuse! any attention from big brother, right?

Brooke and Cory said...

oh so cute! too bad you dont have video of the sprinkler!