Monday, March 20, 2006

Elephant walk

Today we went to see elephants walking through our neighborhood. The circus is coming to town and they dropped the elephants off about three blocks from our house and then let them walk 15 blocks to where the circus will perform.

Atticus and Melanie loved the elephants.

Ian would have loved the elephants if he had been awake to see them.

When we got home I told him all about it and he was really sad he missed it.


nicsmig said...

Yes, I am suppose to be working again...Ian I have an Ianaughtyeahottielephant addiction. Help me Ian.

nicsmig said...

PS you look so cute in the last picture

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything nicsmig said. I need an Ian fix!!!!
He is ever so cute in these pictures, the last one looks an awfully lot like his dad at that age.
Grandma who would love to get her hands on Ian

Grandma at the Yake said...

We miss baby Ian! It doesn't surprise me that he slept thru the elephant walk! He will wish he had been awake in these pictures a few years from now when he realizes what he miss out on!!!!

He has grown in the short time since he was at the Yake and is so handsome!