Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Upper State New York

This weekend we went to my parents house in upstate NY for a visit. Ian met his Great Grandparents, Ray and Barbara O'Neal.

He loved charming Grandma Barbara.

We also got to see Aunt Cami star as (naughty girl) Ariel in the musical Footloose. She was really good - but the 80's costumes were especially impressive.

Here she is in her HOT vest (red cowboy boots not shown - but definitely the best part)

And here she is in her maroon, velvet, puffy sleeved prom dress with my parents...

My favorite lines from the musical:

  1. The girl gets around
  2. I get the feeling you've been kissed by a lot of boys
  3. My daddy invented the word curfew

Near the end of the play she sings a duet with Ren, and they kiss. My six year old nephew Devon was really upset that he saw her kissing a boy. It was so funny.

On Sunday we celebrated my mom and my sister's birthdays.

Aidan, Connor, Ashton, Kathy (50), Nicki (forever 29) and Devon

We got my mom a mother's ring for her 50th. (Do you like it Ash?)

Here are some more pictures of the weekend:

Grandpa Clay feeding Ian brownie batter...

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